Stratford family members seek assist to buy unique treatment suit with their daughter

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Stratford family members seek assist to buy unique treatment suit with their daughter

Even though many small children play dress-up, four-year-old Keira Dodds has one specific suit she want to wear.

It is not a princess dress-up or perhaps a super-hero suit, but an expert piece of medical technology that Keira wish to wear.

She’s got cerebral that is severe passion free trial, and using a Mollii Suit would make “a genuine distinction” to Keira’s life, claims her mum Cherie.

A Mollii Suit is really a garment that is special makes use of electrodes to stimulate motion and relax the muscle tissue. The suit is tailored to your specific individual’s requirements.

The suit is not inexpensive, neither is it funded by the District wellness Board, so that the family members have actually started a givealittle page to share with you Keira’s tale and also to you will need to raise enough to get one for Keira.

As a consequence of her cerebral palsy, Keira is in a wheelchair, struggles with maintaining her balance even though sitting and it has restricted throat control. She can’t feed by by herself, requirements help with toileting and it is non-verbal.

A Mollii Suit would alter a number of this for Keira, states Cherie.

” At the lowest, it might relieve pain. That alone will make a difference that is real Keira’s total well being. In addition, it might assist her along with her movement, her stability, also possibly reduce her importance of her wheelchair.”

Cherie states she along with her husband Jason understand the suit works. This past year, they paid to own a three thirty days test of this suit plus in that short period of time framework, saw it work.

“Even the initial trial that is hour-long had, we saw the distinction, and so did her work-related therapist who was simply here too. Whenever she wears the suit, her arms relax just a little, showing her limbs, that are generally tight, are calm, which often decreases discomfort and use regarding the human body.”

Utilizing the test came an offer of a $2000 discount on purchasing the suit, but that provide expires on 12 this year august.

The suit, without having the discount, expenses $15,700.

“we were hopeful this might get funding, as the difference it has made in the trial was so obvious while we know the DHB can’t fund everything. Additionally, utilizing the improvements it brings for Keira, the usage of the suit could reduce her dependence on wellness board help in the future. Her wheelchair and every thing she requirements are high priced.”

Keira happens to be offered a grant of $1,500 through the Palsy that is cerebral society the price of the suit as well as the household involve some cost savings they’ve put away to support Keira’s health care bills, nevertheless they nevertheless have to raise around $13,000 to purchase the suit.

“we’re actually grateful to any or all who has aided us currently. therefore people that are many shown kindness, offering us items to raffle, calling those who often helps escape tale away. We appreciate every little bit of assistance we have.”

Regardless of the problems life has tossed at her household, Keira is an agreeable, delighted kid whom wants to smile and laugh and pay attention to publications being look over. The Wiggles is loved by her, states Cherie, in addition to blowing bubbles and having fun with other kiddies whenever she would go to the park or to daycare.

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